Loy & Hutz AG

Emmy Noether Str. 2 Solar Info Center
79110 Freiburg

Phone: +49 0761 45 96 2-0
Fax: +49 0761 45 96 2-33

Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Year of foundation 1987
Area of business Communication and Information Technology

Facility Management

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Loy & Hutz AG

Companies, Hospitals and Local Authorities perform their work using a growing number of various technical equipment: their economic success is determined by buildings, rooms, equipment, machines and systems etc. Compliance with numerous standards and regulations, work place safety, the documentation of produced results, the planning of utilisation and availability, quality control and the laws of economics demand the use of software that relates to the technology.

With visual FM™, Loy & Hutz AG offers the software for Maintenance, Facility Management and Object Management. visual FM is exceptionally flexible and can be quickly and easily adapted to meet the most diverse demands and requirements.

Quickly commissioned into the production environment with: customisation, short learning times, rapid software adaptation (even whilst it is being used) and an excellent price/performance ratio guarantee a fast return on the investment.

Product Information
06.08 Software for old peoples- and nursing home

06.09 Software for hospitals / rehabilitation centres / spas

06.14 Software for medical service suppliers

07.03 Cleaning of buildings
Reinigungsmanagement 22.10.2008

LHClean ist ein einzigartiges Tool für cleveres Reinigungsmanagement, mit enormen Einsparpotential. Berücksichtigt EXTRA-Reinigungsaufträge oder NICHT-Reinigungszeiten.

07.04 Building administration and supplies management

07.05 Complete equipping of hospitals

07.06 Building technical management

10.08 Logistic services