LP Italiana S.p.A.

Via Carlo Reale, 15/4
20157 Milano

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Company Profile

Company Profile
LP ITALIANA SPA was founded in 1974 and has always concentrated its efforts in the research and development of disposable products for the Medical Field, specifically: clinical chemistry, haematology, serology, microbiology and bacteriology.
LP ITALIANA SPA was the first organization in Italy to supply the domestic medical market with plastic disposable products and since its foundation has been the market leader in Italy and has also reached important worldwide recognitions.
The manufacturing plant uses the latest high-tech production machines for injection moulding, blowing and extrusion of thermoplastic materials with high level automation. This grants our blowing and extrusion departments great flexibility and allows around-the-clock production. 98% of LP ITALIANA SPA’s standard products are manufactured internally.
Quality control is carried out in compliance with International Standards.

Product Information
01.06.02 Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves Sterile goods packaging and sterilisation indications

02.01 Analyser appliances

02.01.35 Microtiter plates

02.01.44 Plastic pipettes and measuring vessels, etc.

02.01.46 Pipette tips
132038 23.10.2008

Length 63 mm, external capillary Ø 2.5 mm, total capacity 1.5 ml, 30 drops/ml

02.09 Laboratory items

02.09.02 Laboratory items made of plastic

03.03.03 Equipment and systems for blood sedimentation Blood sedimentation reading devices Automatic blood sedimentation units Blood sedimentation pipettes Blood sedimentation stands

03.03.09 Immunohaematology (Blood grouping)

03.04.01 Bacteriology Plastic Petri dishes

05.06 Disposable articles for hospitals

05.07 Disposable articles for laboratories

05.07.03 Disposable laboratory material made of plastic